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I bought sole's record 'selling live water' this weekend. (anticon sole, not any of those other soles) one of the first things he says is 'when they say i don't respect the culture, the truth is i only rap cause i'm not smart enough to write a book'. that floored me, total genius. the things that those people are doing down there in san franciso is absolutly amazing. now if you'll excuse me, i have about 100 cd's to purchase.

also if you would like my blockbuster csr inside scoop for next week here it is.

stealing harvard -- waste of time, i dare you to sit through 85 minute of tom green doing the tom green thing and tell me you still think that it is funny.

city by the sea -- sweet movie, de niro and james franco really deliver. i have a feeling franco is going to be kick ass for a long time, and de niro needed this role like a anna nicole needs a good nutritionist.

rules of attration -- i havn't seen it yet but it was written by the guy who wrote american psycho, and it has my honey from blue crush (kate bozworth) and dawson plays a drug dealer. how can it be bad? i'll tell you when i see it. if you've already seen it don't spoil it for me shitheads.

much love to my killers in the hood who don't give a fuck, son.


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    i think taryn manning is wicked hot.

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